The Fate of Reiters

Seconde guerre mondiale

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  • Operation Watchtower Historical Study 1
    Operation Watchtower Historical Study 1The Edson’s Ridge Guadalcanal Campaign Game is the centerpiece of this look at this 1942 Allied offensive.
    39.00 €
  • ASL Journal #2 REPRINT
    ASL Journal #2 REPRINTLimited print run of the well-received and hard to find ASL Journal #2. This magazine is best known for containing the mini-HASL map and scenarios for Kakazu Ridge.
    36.00 €
  • ASL Journal #8
    ASL Journal #8The ASL Journal is back and ready to go after a lengthy hiatus. 64 pages packed with ASL goodness, this magazine has appeal to both ASL veterans and beginners.
    17.00 €
  • ASL Journal #9
    ASL Journal #9A 64-page magazine for fans of Advanced Squad Leader, this issue includes the mini-module "Suicide Creek"!
    37.00 €
  • Panzerblitz: Hill of Death
    Panzerblitz: Hill of DeathThe first installment in the new Panzerblitz series is an historical module depicting the Battle of Hill 112 in Normandy.
    33.00 €
  • Storm Over Stalingrad
    Storm Over Stalingrad
    39.00 €
  • Valor of the Guards HASL Module 7
    Valor of the Guards HASL Module 7Valor of the Guards, the seventh historical module for Advanced Squad Leader, simulates the Stalingrad battles for the Central Railway Station in September of 1942.
    49.00 €
  • ASL Action Pack 4: Normandy 1944
    ASL Action Pack 4: Normandy 1944ASL Action Pack #4 - Normandy is a scenario bundle featuring the battles in Normandy, France.
    24.00 €
  • ASL Action Pack 3: Few Returned
    ASL Action Pack 3: Few ReturnedFew Returned is a scenario bundle featuring the Italians in World War Two.
    19.00 €
  • Baltic Gap
    Baltic GapBaltic Gap uses the Operational Combat Series to simulate the Soviet offensive into Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania during the summer of 1944.
    59.00 €
  • Bastogne
    BastogneGame covering the defense of the town of Bastogne from 18 December to 26 December 1944.
    48.00 €
  • Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland
    Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland
    63.00 € 39.00 €prix en baisse
  • Barbarossa: Crimea
    Barbarossa: Crimea6th game in the East Front Series
    63.00 €
  • Beda Fomm
    Beda FommConsim Press's remastering of Frank Chadwick's classic game of War in the Desert, 1941
    30.00 €
  • Saipan &Tinian
    Saipan &TinianThe Island War Series volume I.
    49.00 €
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  • Stalin's War
    Stalin's WarTed Raicer's hex-based Card Driven Game of the War in Russia, 1941-1945
    46.00 € 29.00 €prix en baisse
  • Barbarossa to Berlin 2006 Edition
    Barbarossa to Berlin 2006 EditionA strategic two-player CDG set in the European Theatre of WWII.
    39.00 €
  • Combat Commander: Mediterranean
    Combat Commander: MediterraneanSecond game in series of two-player CDGs focusing on tactical World War II combat
    65.00 €
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  • Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov
    Barbarossa: Kiev to RostovBarbarossa Game 5 in the East Front Series
    58.00 €
  • Pacific Typhoon
    Pacific TyphoonFast-action descendant of Atlantic Storm, Pacific Typhoon is a 3-7 player card game set in WWII Pacific
    25.00 €