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Battles from the Age of Reason Primer

Battles from the Age of Reason Primer

Prix : 29.00 €

Editeur : Clash of Arms

Référence : COA-BARP

Format : ziplock

Periode : XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles



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For twenty years, the "Battles from the Age of Reason" (BAR) game series has been the ultimate gaming expression of mid-eighteenth century warfare. The BAR games feature a highly detailed, realistic and interactive game system, gorgeous map and counter graphics, thorough research and exciting battles throughout Europe and America.

However, because of rules depth, detail and period "elan", many gamers have been perplexed in learing the system. This Primer is designed as an illustrated learning tool to accompany and enhance the Third Edition BAR rules. This Primer features illustrated rules demonstrations, game tactics, learning modules and 280 upgrade and errata counters for previous BAR games.

This BAR Primer can be used with all BAR games and even with older rules sets, but is designed around the Third Edition BAR rules and ownership of Fontenoy is required for use of the "Learning Modules" sections.