Great War Commander

C3i Issue 26

C3i Issue 26

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Table of Contents – C3i Magazine, Nr26

Behind the Scenes Report on the Game Design Process

Designers & Developers – Relationships in Motion

by Patrick Ruestchmann

Twilight Struggle – Designers Notes – 2012

All Time Best Seller

by Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews

1914 TitE – Tannenberg Campaign – C3i Variant

by Michael Resch

C3i Magazine Nr26 – Countersheet Index

by Mark Simonitch

1914 – A Post-war Solution for Austria-Hungary’s Mobilization

by Michael Resch

1914 TitE – Dragoni’s Plan for Austria-Hungary – C3i Variant

by Michael Resch

Labyrinth – The Game in Action

by Joel Toppen

Clio’s Corner, Nr3

Who’s On First? Initiative in Game Design

by Mark Herman

Space Empires – Optional Rules

by Peter Lazzaro

Interview – John H. Butterfield – CSR Hall of Fame Award

by Sam Sheikh

Commands & Colors Ancients – The Battle of Argentoratum, 357 AD –

New Scenario

by Kevin Duke

For the People – Defending the Union

by Mark Herman and Herr Dr.

For the People – Designer’s Perspective on Raids

by Mark Herman

For the People – My Union Strategy Tips

by James Pei

1805: Sea of Glory – A Change of Plans – Scenario & Variant Rules

by Alan E. Richbourg

The Great Battles of Magna Graecia Module – Three New SPQR Scenarios

by Daniel A. Fournie

Red Winter – More Optional Rules

by Mark Mokszycki

C3i Player – Gamer Profile of Mark Barker

by Sam Sheikh

COINing a Game Series:

An Introduction to Andean Abyss

by Steve Carey

The COIN Series – Looking Ahead

by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss

Quick-Play Scenario

by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss

Non-Player Rally Variant

by Volko Ruhnke

Andean Abyss

Solitaire Variants

by Joel Toppen

C3i Player – Gamer Profile of Leland Myrick

by Sam Sheikh

C3i Player Postscript – From Writer to Playtester

by Jeremy Antley


Inserts – C3i Magazine, Nr26

• Countersheet, C3i Magazine Nr26 – 280 full color counters (1/2 inch size, die-cut counters)

• No Retreat! – C3i Solitaire Expansion Kit – Cards, Rules and Player Aid by Carl Paradis

• 1914 Twilight in the East – 1 Card – C3i Variants – Tannenberg Campaign & Dragoni’s Plan by Michael Resch

• Commands & Colors Ancients – 1 Set-up Card – 2 New Battles: Argentoratum & Paraitacene by Kevin Duke

• Combat Commander – 1 Card – 2 New Scenarios: Nr115 & Nr116 by Pascal Toupy

• Combat Commander – 1 Card – Scenario Map of European Theater & Terrain Chart by Bryan Collars & Tim McCarron

• Andean Abyss – 1 Card – Non-Player Rally Variant by Volko Ruhnke & Mark Simonitch

• Red Winter – 1 Card – Ice Ball Variant by Mark Mokszycki

• Space Empires – 1 Card – New Redesigned C3i Log Sheet by Peter Lazzaro

• SPQR – 1 Card – Revised C3i Nr25 – A Lightning Across Iberia Scenarios by Carlos Gomez Ibañez

• SPQR – 1 Card – Great Battles of Magna Graecia Scenarios by Dan Fournie

• Objective: Kiev Bonus Game – 1 color Mapsheet, Counters, Player Aid & Rulesbook by Mark Simonitch