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Chancellorsville 1863 (slightly bumped corner)

Chancellorsville 1863 (slightly bumped corner)
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Prix : 65.00 €

Editeur : Worthington Publishing

Référence : WTH-Chancellorsville

Format : boite

Periode : Guerre de Sécession



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Designed by Maurice Suckling. Chancellorville 1863 uses many of the concepts from Freeman's Farm 1777. What stays basically the same:

1. Combat

2. How formations are activated and the receiving of momentum cubes by the play of formation cards

3. The use of leaders like Gates, Arnold, and Burgoyne --- now Lee, Jackson, and Hooker

4. The use of tactics cards

What's Unique:

1. Hidden movement -- the game uses minimaps that allow for some hidden movement and variable setup of some formations.

2. More movement -- formations frequently move on the board and combat occurs when two formations of opposing sides end in the same location.

3. Reinforcement by transfer of cohesion points between formations

4. A card driven solitaire engine

5. Formation cards allow for multiple formations to activate with major and minor activations. Major allow two moves while minor allow one move.

6. Prepared positions --- spend your activations to build redoubts.

Gamers who own Freeman's Farm and are familiar with it's concepts will be up and playing in 15 minutes. And with quick setup and game play, gamers will be able to play multiple games in an evening.


Large mounted game board

Union formation activation cards

Confederate formation activation cards

Union bot activation cards (for solitaire play)

Confederate bot activation cards (for solitaire play)

Tactic cards

Confederate and Union reinforcement cards

2 x player screens for hidden movement (with player aid)

Cohesion cubes

Momentum cubes

Redoubt markers

5 x Dice

2 x Rules