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Space Infantry Resurgence Expansion Pack

Space Infantry Resurgence Expansion Pack
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Prix : 47.00 €

Editeur : Lock N Load

Référence : LNL-SpaceInfExp

Format : boite

Periode : Science-Fiction


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Another Day in the Corps

The threats faced by United Systems have increased. Sinister forces beyond our universe have turned their eyes to the fragile United Systems and have set themselves the task of annihilating all human life.

You’ll fight across a massive campaign with new ongoing conditions for your Units, face a final boss bigger than anything you’ve seen before and make your final stand on the largest map ever made for Space Infantry: Resurgence.

Fight on new planet types such as Jungle, Desert and Urban environments that come with unique random events. Adapt to new Campaign Encounters featuring persistent challenges and ongoing effects that will dog you from Mission to Mission. To combat all these you can equip experimental weapons to break the odds in your favor.

Finally, Space Infantry the Expansion Pack pumps up the difficulty and the adventure with a new set of Nightmare Nodes, requiring rare skills and more unique events. The Expansion Pack brings your Space Infantry experience to the next frontier and beyond!

Requirements: Space Infantry Resurgence Expansion Pack is not a complete game and requires Space Infantry Resurgence to play.

1 x Two Piece 33 x 34 Inch Map

48 x Biome Nodes

4 x Planet Cards

10 x Weapons

35 x Nightmare Nodes

1 x Nightmare Planet Card

12 x Encounter Cards