Assault on Gallipoli

ASL Onslaught to Orsha v2

ASL Onslaught to Orsha v2
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Editeur : Bounding Fire

Référence : BFP-Orsha

Format : ziplock

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale


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Months of extensive research along with vigorous play testing by the veteran game designers at Bounding Fire Productions brings you the completely revamped Onslaught to Orsha.

In addition to the fortified line HASL scenarios, there are two other interwoven themes in this expanded and updated version: River/bridgehead-type scenarios, and very mobile/relatively mobile actions. All capturing the varying situations of the epic Operation Bagration action. Thousands of hours of work have been invested to make this a product up to BFP standards. We hope you enjoy it.

Onslaught to Orsha includes the following:

32 action packed scenarios (10 new!) in full-color print, on both geo and HASL maps, plus a Campaign Game, Ontrack to Orsha

370 full color, die cut 1/2" counters

296 full color, die cut 5/8" counters

Two 22"x 28" and one 28" x 28" HASL map sheets which combine to represent the historical situation around the Orsha Plain in late June of 1944.

Rules pages describing the aircraft, vehicles and Guns used, map terrain and Campaign Game rules

Two new 16"x22" double-wide mapboards (DW-8, DW-9) printed on heavy card stock, depicting East Front terrain

A new player aid for quick reference of HBRs, procedures and tables during scenario and CG play

32 Scenarios

Number Title Attacker Boards

OtO 1 Down in a Hole Russian 17,19

OtO 2 Hornet's Nest Russian 16,44

OtO 3 Shumilino Russian 44,BFP L,16

OtO 4 Funnel of Death Russian OtO

OtO 5 Bunker Burning Russian OtO

OtO 6 Fire from the Hole Russian OtO

OtO 7 The Orsha Plain Russian OtO

OtO 8 Another Bloody Morning Russian OtO

OtO 9 Sparkplug Russian OtO

OtO 10 Falling Like Dominoes Russian OtO

OtO 11 Tooth and Nail Russian OtO

OtO 12 Close Quarters Russian 47,32

OtO 13 Motoring to Mogilev Russian 42,23

OtO 14 Hornet Swarm Russian DW-9,11b

OtO 15 Western Dvina Duel German DW-8,18,6a,57

OtO 16 Tangle at Tolochin Russian 43,6

OtO 17 Down in Flames Russian 49,20

OtO 18 Hoffmeister's Charge German 49,8

OtO 19 Where's the Beef Russian 17,46,16

OtO 20 Bloody Bobruisk Russian 45,1

OtO 21 Oriola Force German 11,22,5

OtO 22 Lapitschi Fit German 4,DW-8

OtO 23 Inferno at Krupki Russian 9b,DW-9

OtO 24 Cooked Hamman Russian 21,BFP A

OtO 25 Shootout at Slutsk Russian BFP Q,71,BFP M

OtO 26 Bridgehead on the Berezina Russian 40,41

OtO 27 Clash at the Berezina German 17,70,69

OtO 28 Desperate Bridgehead Russian DW-8,BFP P

OtO 29 The Cat's Lair Russian 44,46

OtO 30 The Big Cat's Lair Russian 70,44

OtO 31 Schmidt's Roadblock Russian BFP R

OtO 32 Berated at Baronovichi Russian 21