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N: The Napoleonic Wars (folio)

N: The Napoleonic Wars (folio)
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Editeur : White Dog Games

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Periode : Guerres Napoléoniennes


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N: The Napoleonic Wars is a high level, grand strategic solitaire

game on the turbulent decades from 1792 to 1815, when Europe was

convulsed by the French Revolution and the wars of French Emperor

Napoléon I. You play the monarchist “coalitions” of Europe – led by

Britain – fighting to put down the ‘Corsican ogre’ and restore peace,

order, and a bit of the Divine Right of Kings to the Continent. N is not

a detailed, tactical historical simulation, but is designed as a fun,

challenging game illustrating the general course of the wars and their

salient historical themes. N is the second title in my British Wars

Trilogy, and is based on Don’t Tread on Me, my game of the

American Revolution (White Dog Games, 2014/15). If you’ve played

DTOM, then many of N’s mechanics will be familiar.

Each of the 16 Turns takes about 10 minutes to play (longer for

beginners). There are two shorter scenarios (see other booklet) if you

don’t want to fight out the entire three-decade grand campaign.

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