Great War Commander

ASL Journal #8

ASL Journal #8

Prix : 17.00 €

Editeur : MMP

Référence : MMPJ8

Format : boite

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale



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The ASL Journal #8 is a 60-page magazine of nothing but articles, scenarios, and support materials for Advanced Squad Leader.

The Table of Contents for ASL Journal #8 looks like:

* Carl Nogueira shows you the proper way to grease the treads of your tank in Crosstown Traffic — a detailed look at the rules for Vehicular Overrun.

* Mark Pitcavage teaches new ASL players how to lose some of that new player shine in The Agony of Defeat.

* Lars Thuring and Tuomo Lukkari take us on a tour of the upcoming Finn module Hakkaa Päälle!

* Matt Shostak provides a detailed scenario analysis of scenario J74 Priests on the Line

* David Olie shows you what you can do at setup with all that cool stuff you get on your scenario card in A Place For Your Stuff

* Jim Stahler gives us a detailed breakdown of the scenarios in Turning The Tide.

* Ian Daglish provides designer's notes on the conception and birth of Action Pack 4: Normandy 1944.

* Bret Hildebran and J.R. Tracy take us on a detailed look at their defensive setups for scenario J113 Maczek Fire Brigade

* 16 scenarios, the latest Debriefing of ASL Q&A/Errata, and the updates which went into Doomed Battalions, 3rd Edition.