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ASL Action Pack 3: Few Returned

ASL Action Pack 3: Few Returned

Prix : 19.00 €

Editeur : MMP

Référence : MMPAP3

Format : ziplock

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale



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ASL Action Pack #3 - Few Returned is a scenario bundle featuring the Italians in World War Two. The scenarios represent actions on the Eastern Front fighting the Soviets and in Italy fighting their ex-ally, Germany. Researched and designed by Mark Pitcavage, Few Returned is sure to be enjoyed by veteran ASL players.

ASL Action Pack #3 - Few Returned contains:

12 Italian ASL scenarios (9 on the East Front; 3 in Italy)

3 ASL 'starter kit-style' geomorphic mapboards (24, 42, and 43)

(Note: board 42 has a printing error on it, we will be posting an overlay for free download to fix this issue. Additionally, we'll be printing corrected board 42s in the near future which will be distributed in a future product and/or passed out at conventions.)