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All Things Zombie: Reloaded

All Things Zombie: Reloaded
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Editeur : Lock N Load

Référence : LNL-ATZ-Reloaded

Format : boite

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“Zombies are just the start of your troubles.”

All Things Zombie: Reloaded is the expanded 2nd edition of our original All Things Zombie board game. Designer and Developer Ed Teixeira has expanded his zombie world so it’s not just the zombies you need to worry about.

Before you were fighting zombies; now you have to work with and against the other human Survivors, Militia, and Gangers. Now you must learn how to survive and thrive in this dangerous and ever changing world.

Inside you'll find:

A full set of color counters including Survivors, Gangers, and Militia characters, as well as a wide range of weapons and loot that you can find during your games.

A set of Event Cards that provide all the info you need at a glance, from friends, enemies, zombies, loot and more.

Newly designed Player Aid cards to help you keep track of your characters and their “stuff”.

An easy to use campaign system that ties all your games together where the results of one affects the results of the next.

Six 11” x 17” maps that can be laid out in over 50 different ways, making each game unique.

Specific objectives that provide ways for your characters to increase in skill and ability when they succeed.

All this and more.

All Things Zombie: Reloaded can be played solitaire, cooperatively with everyone on the same side, or competitively with everyone against one another. All Things Zombie: Reloaded can be played as a “one off game” or part of an ongoing campaign.


25 Event Cards

6 - 11”x 17” Maps

20 CHARACTER cards

88 counters