The Fate of Reiters

1914: Germany at War - The Limited Edition

1914: Germany at War - The Limited Edition
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Port offert pour la France

Editeur : VentoNuovo Games

Référence : VNG-GAT-Lim

Format : ziplock

Periode : Première guerre mondiale


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The Limited Edition is a special edition, printed in only 100 numbered and signed copies.

The Game Box is laminated and includes special components.


The Game Box is laminated.

The game includes:

N° 1 86x64 cm Mounted Map

N° 2 16-Pages Rules Manual

N° 121 PVC Standard Stickers

N° 121 PVC Icon Stickers

N° 119 Wooden Unit Blocks

N° 20 Wooden Cubes (Area Control)

N° 19 White Wooden Cubes (Valour Point)

N° 35 Wooden Disc (Fortress Garrison)

N° 2 Rules Summary and Player Aids

N° 1 White Wooden Initiative Disc

N° 1 Yellow Wooden Turn Track Marker