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Death Ride Kursk - Totenkopf

Death Ride Kursk - Totenkopf

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Port offert pour la France

Editeur : Grognard Simulations

Référence : GSI-DRK-T

Format : boite

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale


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The first game of a new 3 game set that will showcase the Kursk battle from the IISS Panzer Korps area. This game focuses on the Totenkopf Division area and is the base game for the 3 game set. It contains all the items required to play the game. This game contains an all inclusive rule set. That means this set of rules includes those for the Maintenance, Logisitcis, Air, Command and Control, and Fire Support Enhancements. Counters and charts are included for the Command and Control and Fire Support Enhancements. Counters and charts for the Air, Logistics, and Maintenance Enhancements will be sold separately when they are ready.

This game has an updated set of maps that are designed by Rick Barber and his features have changed the use of the map in maneuver completely. The maps for the existing games are also being updated. The map update project alone is a very serious project.

The game has the same mechanics as Death Ride Kursk - Gross Deutschland. Units are modeled at the Platoon (German) and Company (Red Army) level. The Command and Control Enhancement provides Company sized counters for the Germans. Units have Secondary and Primary Weapons and can conduct fire and assault combat. The Sequence of Play allows a good open fluid game turn with both sides having plenty of decsions to make and players able to shape the battlefield to meet their plans.

This game contains:

(16) 11x17 Full Color Map Sections

(10) Full Color Counter Sheets

(11) 11x17 Full Color Scenario Cards with some large and some smaller scenarios

(3) d10

Rulebook good for all Death Ride Kursk games

Rule Supplement for the Totenkopf game

More Charts and Tables than can be listed here, but include

Task Organization Charts

Order of Battle Charts

Duplicate Combat Results and Firepower charts for both players