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Pacific Islands Campaign - Guam

Pacific Islands Campaign - Guam
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Editeur : Grognard Simulations

Référence : GSI-Guam

Format : boite

Periode : Seconde guerre mondiale


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The Battle for Guam:

This game recreates the battle for the recapture of Guam by the US Marines and Army. It features an easy to learn rules set based on the US Army's Seven Battlefield Operating Systems.

Key Features

(4) 11" x 17" game map of Guam

BOS representations (level of fidelity)

Maneuver (Medium)

Fire Support (Medium)

Air Defense (Low)

Mobility and Survivability (Medium)

Combat Service Support (Low)

Intelligence (Low)

Command and Control (Medium)

Approximately 800 unit counters and markers

Unit breakdowns (virtually all of them)

Easy to learn and play