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La Bataille de Leipzig

La Bataille de Leipzig

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Référence : PE-LEIPZIG

Format : boite

Periode : Guerres napoléoniennes



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The biggest Napoleonic game ever, for the largest Napoleonic battle

The battle of Leipzig was the largest battle of the Napoleonic wars and the largest battle in Europe until the First World War easily ranking as one of the largest battles in History.

Leipzig is a huge battle, as the battlefield is more than 15 km wide, and a very long battle, as the events spread over 6 days between October 14th and October 19th, 1813. The French eventually gather around 190,000 men, against 350,000. It is a succession of ferocious and quite independent battles. The Allied plan, although inelegant, proved to be successful as the odds allowed them to attack everywhere and keep the advantage. Even though using the interior lines, Napoleon was rarely in a position to take a serious strategic advantage while winning almost every of these battles because a 1:2 odd can not lead to a decisive victory against determined enemies.

However, you are now in charge of the army, and things can turn very different...

"Vive l’Empereur!" is a series of simulation games using a standard rules system and a set of exclusive rules specific to each battle. These particular rules include an historical commentary and the victory conditions for each scenario.

The aim of this system is to refight at the regimental scale the numerous battles fought during the Napoleonic Era in Europe, between 1805 and 1815. It uses a map on which the players move counters representing the combat units involved in these battles.


- ten 22"*34" maps (scale 250 m/hex)

- 980 counters including 700 units and 50 leaders

- 2 rules booklets : the standard Rules Version 3 and the special rules

- 6 pages of army losses and tables

- 16 scenarions including a 6-day campaign game