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Soviet Dawn Deluxe Edition

Soviet Dawn Deluxe Edition
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Prix : 69.00 €

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Editeur : Worthington Publishing

Référence : WTH-SovietDawn

Format : boite

Periode : Entre deux guerres


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Soviet Dawn Deluxe Edition brings Darin Leviloff’s novel States of Siege(TM) game system back for a much larger storytelling adventure covering the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1921. With several enemy "Fronts" converging on Moscow, the fate of the revolution and the prestige of international communism rests on your ability to manage and resolve every crisis that the "Whites" can assail you with.

As the headlines unfold, you draw upon military and political resources to help you, or try to reorganize the Red Army for special abilities that can greatly enhance your position. Who knows? You might even capture the Imperial Gold Reserve!

Can you deal with the great crises of that time and defend the revolution? Will you withdraw from the Great War (WW1) or exercise the Bukharin Option and fight on? Can you execute the Czar in time, or will the Whites rescue him? Will you fortify Petrograd or press your offensives home? How will you deal with internal and external dissent? Play Soviet Dawn and see!


Large Mounted game board

Sheet of thick counters with rounded corners

Bases for standup Front counters

Deck of cards with linen finish / rounded corners

Counter Tray

Revolution Archive for tracking your many victories


1 six sided die